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  • SSN IT Solutions with vibrant software Developers and provides them with Outsourced services spanning over the complete life cycle of applications. Our strengths lie in setting up dedicated offshore teams for outsourced product development with a local project management team. Using our established Project Management and grown-up development methodology, we assist emerging software clients bring better-quality products to market.

  • SSN IT Solutions has emerged as a leading offshore Recruitment & Outsourcing company .We work on the model of offshore Recruitment & Outsourcing services with Local Presence. SSN IT Solutions has equipped Project and Program Managers who work together closely with our clients across the globe especially in USA, Europe and Asia. By working in their time zones, the locally based team members ensure that optimal communication is maintained for the successful outcome of outsourced projects. Our project managers conduct onsite documentation of requirements. They ensure the offshore team has a pipeline of work orders to zero out idle time. They ensure consistent measurable delivery on or ahead of schedule throughout our engagement to bring great products to market in less time and at less cost.

  • In an increasing challenging world economy, many organisations are focused and energised on maintaining and growing their market position. This will often require significant internal resource commitment within the company. As such companies are often required to do more with less as they attempt to identify innovative and dynamic strategies to maintain their competitive advantage.

  • Learning and Development (L&D) and talent management programs are often required on a global scale. This in itself can present a set of unique challenges and requires a skill set that organisations may not wholly possess internally. Even if this isn’t the case, the amount of effort required using internal resources can grow significantly over a short period of time, drawing essential expertise away from business critical strategies.

  • One solution being adopted increasingly by large organisations, is to partner with a global organisation with a proven reputation of providing fully managed training services.

  • Your people will be free to address higher-level objectives.

  • You’ll gain flexibility, quality, and cost management that you’d expect from a recognised leader in outsourced training services.

  • We are committed to understanding and supporting your business goals.

  • World-class expertise, people, and resource which include; accountability, focus, industry knowledge, and unparalleled buying power

  • Demonstrate tangible cost savings.

  • Have greater visibility of what you invest and the returns.

  • Culturally aligned to you business.

  • A partner who is passionate about learning and the commercial benefits learning provides to an organisation.

  • We have experienced consultants working on all Technologies (i.e. Microsoft .NET, J2EE, VC++). Focus within Technology Areas encourages them to build competency in each distinct development architecture. This also helps our teams in addressing the delivery nuances related to a particular type of technology.