A data warehouse is a subject-oriented, integrated, time-variant and non-volatile collection of data in support of management's decision making process.

Inventateq has fully interactive one-to-one Data Warehousing training sessions. Our Data Warehousing course training is Flexible to meet the demands of fresher’s and working professionals, Data Warehousing Course training can be started any time from the date of enrolment. We offers a number of Advance & Corporate Data Warehousing training programmes & informatica courses to help you take advantage of and develop your own in-house or personal knowledge base in Data Warehousing, either to further the benefit of your own organization, or as part of your personal development and career strategy in Data Warehousing, Informatica and Data Stage.

Who is this Data warehosuing training course aimed at?

All those involved in major roles on a data warehouse project, from project managers to DBAs to data modellers and application developers Ideal for IT professionals from various backgrounds including those who plan to cross train into data warehousing (DWH) to enhance their careers Freshers with No prior knowledge of data warehousing, Informatica, Data Stage, Tera Data concepts is required to attend this training course.

Data warehousing Course benefits
  • Learn the fundamentals of data warehousing from industry experts.
  • Understand a tried and tested lifecycle for data warehousing projects and learn the how to avoid the typical pitfalls organisations face when implementing business intelligence solutions.
  • Includes a range of tools and techniques to apply to real world data warehousing and business intelligence projects.
  • Learn how to apply your new skills and knowledge to your own data warehousing projects.
  • Gain experience through real life practical exercises and workshops
  • Business intelligence usually submits to the information needed for the organization to make Business related decisions effectively.
  • A data warehousing system is the backend, or the infrastructural, component for achieving business intelligence.
  • Business intelligence also includes the insight gained from doing data mining analysis, as well as unstructured data.
  • Details of the course contents are given below.

Data warehouse fundamentals

Introduction to SAP R/3 ( ECC ) and BW, BW architecture, Multi dimensional Modeling, Star Schema, BW extended Star Schema, Administrator Work Bench, InfoObjects ( attributes and texts and hierarchies), InfoCubes, Transactional ( Real-time ) InfoCubes , ODS ( DSO) - Standard, Transactional and Write Optimized, PSA, Source Systems, InfoSource, InfoPackage, Transfer Rules, Update Rules, Transformation, Data Transfer Process, Loading Master Data using flat files, Loading transaction data using flat files, ODS - Change Log, Active Table and New Table, Managing Delta using ODS, MultiProviders, infoset, Open Hub service, Data Marts, InfoSpokes, Open Hub Destination, Aggregates, Activating the Business content, Delta Management, Various types of R3 Extractors, Extraction from LO Cockpit, Generic Extraction, Flat file extraction, Integrated Planning (IP)- overview, SAP landscape and Transports, BEx reporting - BEx Query Designer, Calculated and Restricted Key, Figures, Variables ( Characteristic, Formula and Text Variables ), Query properties, Exceptions and Conditions, BEx Analyzer, Workbooks, Report to Report Interface ( RRI ), Information Broadcasting, Reporting Agent, Meta data Repository.