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Oracle Technology

  • Oracle is one of the underlying principles of relational database is the separation and independence of the the logical and physical data models. This provides enormous flexibility and means you can change change either one without affecting the other.

  • A relational database can be regarded as a set of 2-dimensional tables which are known as "relations" in relational database theory. Each table has rows ("tuples") and columns ("domains"). The relationships between the tables is defined by one table having a column with the same meaning (but not necessarily the same name or value) as a column in another table.

  • The solution to this was relational databases which are based on the concept of normalisation - the separation of the logical and physical representation of data.

  • OBIEE trainer will mostly concentrate on real time issues rather than simply teaching you the OBIEE course. This will help you when you join the job and while attending interviews.

  • OBIEE online trainer will give you all possible interview questions with answers and take a preliminary interview to build your confidence. This will help you how to answer in the interview.

  • We are providing Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) at affordable cost. We teach Data Warehousing Oracle BI Training courses with real time scenarios, Practical Knowledge on creating Reporting Dashboards and give interview guidance. Join us to shape your career in Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI). This course provides the basic skills and knowledge for developers new to Informatica Power Center need to implement data integration projects, exposing core features of Power Center through lecture and hands-on exercises.

  • SSN IT Solutions has fully interactive one-to-one OBIEE training sessions. Our Data Warehousing Oracle BI course training is Flexible to meet the demands of fresher’s and working professionals, Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) Course training can be started any time from the date of enrolment. We offers a number of Advance & Corporate Oracle training programmes & informatica courses to help you take advantage of and develop your own in-house or personal knowledge base in Data Warehousing, either to further the benefit of your own organization, or as part of your personal development and career strategy in Data Warehousing, Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI), OBIEE, ERP Tools, Oracle BI.

  • Oracle Business Intelligence OBI Training , Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition One and Enterprise Edition are comprehensive next-generation business intelligence and analytics platform helping people use information to do business better.