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❶SSN IT Solutions Sloutions is a one stop shop for IT services, Third party testing services, Recruitment services & Training services. ssnit concentrates on its vision of building up strong customer and business partnerships.

❷To this end, ssnit offers an unmatched flexibility with its custom built solutions. ssnit service method is comprehensive in maximizing efficiency. Most importantly, our methodology is practical and designed according to our clients' needs and requirements.

❸Company was set up with the objective to offer education and training solutions in the field of Information technology, and software industry. ssnit Consultant, today is one of the best software training institutes.

❹Our training programs enjoy very high level of acceptance from leading global software and it's Consultant companies.

❺ssnit Consultant also provides Online training programs to the students from India, USA, U.K., Canada, Europe. ssnit Consultant is the leader in the training for various IT Technologies in software domain. We provides the best quality training for global IT requirements.


Our core objective is to progress exponentially with focus on quality deliveries, spread across key IT cities thus gaining wide recognition as one of the most competent entities in the field and to aim at being a public trading company listed on major bourses.

Hands-On Approach

At SSN IT Solutions we realize that not all students learn at the same pace. In a classroom of more than eight students, certain students will get left behind because of the lack of communication between the students and the instructor. That’s why SSN IT Solutions utilizes a hands-on approach in all of our classes. Our student-instructor relationships ensure that no student’s time is wasted. Each student has ample opportunity within the class to get one-on-one instruction and review for any topics covered in the SEO course.

Practical Application

At SSN IT Solutions we understand that people need SEO & SEM training because they want better jobs. Because of this, we ask all of our students to bring their real world scenarios into the classrooms. While in class students will work on a project that may actually be utilized by their company. In this way students will be prepared to apply what they learned in our classrooms directly to their work in the field.

Our Classrooms

We have two simple rules. There is a computer station for each student to use in class and no class will have more than 8 students in it. By following these two rules we can be sure each student has the opportunity to learn in the most efficient, thorough manner.